Background History

Introduction: Non-communicable diseases/NCDs (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes) are major causes of human health loss, disease and death in present times. Currently 67% people die of these diseases in the country. Controlling tobacco use, increasing physical activity, changing diet and preserving the environment can reduce this disease. MAHC is an alliance of cities to strengthen environmental conservation and disease prevention to protect public health. One of the goals of this alliance is to give importance to health and environmental protection in urban planning by exchanging experiences among themselves.

Context: In Singapore, 3rd Asia pacific Cities Alliance for Tobacco Control and NCDs prevention Summit Barrister Shamim Haider Patwari, MP, Mayor, Rangpur City Corporation, Mayor Manikganj municipality (then) plans to form such an alliance to set an example for public health . In line with that, the first summit of Mayor Alliance for Healthy City was held on June 29, 2019 in Rangpur. In the said summit, a committee was formed with the mayor of Rangpur City Corporation Mr. Mustafizar Rahman Mostafa as the convener and the mayor of Manikganj (then) Mr. Gazi Kamrul Huda Salim as the member secretary and the mayors of 9 municipalities present as members.

Activities: Second Mayors Summit was held at Cox’s Bazar on September 23-24, 2022 to speed up the activities of the Alliance. The International Forum APCAT, The Union. provided technical assistance in this summit. Through the summit, a full committee of 19 members was formed with Mr. Mujibur Rahman, Mayor of Cox's Bazar Municipality as Chairman, Haji Md. Abdul Gani, Mayor of Savar Municipality as a Co-Chair and Mr. Golam Kabir Mayor of Dhamrai Municipality as General Secretary. Under the leadership of this committee, progress was made in the implementation of the “Guidelines for the Implementation of Tobacco Control Activities of Local Government Institutions” published by the Local Government Division to build a healthy city. Municipalities belonging to the Alliance conduct various programs throughout the year on their own initiative and funding. Notable among these are observing the World No Tobacco Day,2022 implementing the decision to ban and remove tobacco shops within 100 meters of educational institutions and health service centers as per the guidelines, bringing under the sparate license of the sellers of tobacco products as per the guidelines, organizing walking-cycling competitions as a campaign to build a healthy city. Municipalities organize various sports competitions to engage the youth. At present, mayors of 30 municipalities, including two city corporations, are associated with the forum. The AID Foundation provides secretarial support to the implementation of all these programs of the Alliance with the technical assistance of APCAT and The Union.